Innovation RSS feeds by 2thinknow

rss feeds on innovation economiesRSS Feeds from 2thinknow give you the latest innovation news for creating your innovation economy.

RSS feeds covering the innovation economy, across a variety of information, data, events & views.

> 2thinknow, Innovation Agency – company updates on innovation on our main site.

> Innovation Cities™ Program – free city rankings, releases, resources for growing innovation economies

> Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report – updates on framework for changing urban economies.

> City Benchmarking Data – updates about metrics for comparing city performance.

> Local Innovation Forum – [soon] news on events in local communities, changing cities, towns & suburbs.

> The Innovation Course™ – [soon] updates on enrolling in or plan a local Innovation Course.

> Globe Innovator – innovation news & analysis in the urban and regional economy.

How do I read RSS Feeds?

We recommend the Feedreader application as desktop software. You can also use RSS readers on websites such as MyYahoo or iGoogle, in your social media app, or phone-based RSS.