31 Economic Segments by 2thinknow

31 Economy Segments [31ES] : Industry Codes to cover all industries and community activities

Do you need to profile a city or nation by industry? Or a code to describe a group of industries? Do you find the existing US, EU and other codes to detailed for your needs?

31 Economic Segments (or 31ES) are designed by 2thinknow as 31 codes that cover all industry and community activities across a region, nation, state or city. They are designed to fix some problems:

  1. Include modern technology (problem with exisgting codes)
  2. Include service as well as industry and manufacturing
  3. Include knowledge economy
  4. Allow room for industries not invented yet within segments.

Anyone can use these codes for their work. CC License. If you are working on any project that needs these, use them, just attirbute them to this page. (We will put any links to changes on this page)

31ES codes are like the NACE, SIC and NAICS codes but better aligned to the modern economy, and simpler for headline reporting. This is why 2thinknow designed them.

If you have feedback on these codes below (please keep it brief) or suggest additions for the full list.

31 Segments (Industry Sectors)

Measuring all places by 31 segments.

2thinknow’s 31 segments which cover all economic, industry and social functions of an economy. 2thinknow can analysis and report on cities by these 31 segments for clients. Whilst focused on metropolitan cities, 2thinknow segment analysis can also be applied to states, suburbs and regions. Indicator data is summarised by segment.

Architecture, History & Planning

Arts & Culture

Basic Services (Utilities, Food Supply, Water)


Commerce & Finance

Cultural Exchange: Travel & Tourism

Diplomacy & Trade

Economics (General)

Education, Science & Universities

Environment & Nature


Food & Hospitality


Government & Politics

Health & Medicine

Industry & Manufacturing

Information, Media & Publishing

Labour, Employment & Workforce

Law & Governance

Logistics, Freight & Ports

Military & Defence

Mobility, Autos, Cycling & Transport

Music & Performance

People & Population

Public Safety

Resources, Mining, Oil and Gas

Retail & Shopping

Spirituality, Religion & Charities

Sports & Fitness

Start-ups & Entrepreneurs

Technology & Communications