Innovation Analysis

Analysis to understand the effects of innovation.

2thinknow conduct global analysis of cities and identify key trends on how major economic and social events will affect cities and their industries. We include in our analysis probable scenarios over next decade for your organization based on your key urban markets.

At a city level, our analysis can project business conditions for investment and trade between locations in our hyper-connected world.

Our analysis is based on the structured approach to innovation of 2thinknow leading innovation models. Our analysis refers to simple-to-understand diagrams of the world according to our innovation models. Allowing you to present and share 2thinknow insights with your colleagues.

Previous 2thinknow analyst reports predicted the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 12 months ahead. At 2thinknow our analyst’s focus is to take a long term and contrarian view, thus being more accurate than short-term analysis or reporting.

2thinknow analysis contains new concepts to create products, service and process innovation within your organization. From our analysis you can expect a positive long term insights that you can implement.

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