Innovation Analyst Consulting Services

Do you need to build an innovation team or solve a challenge quickly?

2thinknow innovation analysts consult on innovation projects remotely via video-conference, email or smart device. Best of all, there is no 'start delay' -- 2thinknow analysts have undertaken 2thinknow internal training, and are experienced in innovation design and data, and can start in days or weeks.

Innovation Problems Solved:

Some of your innovation tasks that 2thinknow innovation analyst consultants are perfect for are:

Private Video Advisory

Responding to disruption? Private strategic advice on specific change initiatives in your city markets and business. Delivered one-to-one by 2thinknow analysts over a video call.

Your Idea Challenges

New ideas on specific change initiatives in your city and business, our consultants can join your virtual teams for brainstorming.

Deep Dive

Want to investigate a data point or a indicator? This can be a days work of around 20 researched slides (about an hours work of presentation), or a more in-depth answer over a longer period.


Short-term consulting to achieve your immediate project needs over a single day, weeks or longer.

Innovation Project Teams

Long-term innovation project secondments as part of your team from idea-generation, design and data gathering among other tasks.

Other consulting arrangements limited by your imagination. Please ask us.

Smart Methods of Delivery

Regular consulting engagement with analysts: via email, smartphone, SMS, Facetime, Skype, video-conference and Smart Device technologies. Our analysts work with you wherever you are.

Bottom Line

Achieve your innovation requirements by having our staff assist you as part of the team, and save on have analysts trained in innovation by 2thinknow.

You can order our consultants online for a single day -- just to get started immediately, and then move forward in blocks of time.

For any project larger than a day, (or to be delivered in-person) simply request a Proposal below.