Innovation Cities Index 2009 Update

2thinknow are publishing the Innovation Cities Index 2009. It’s part of the Innovation Cities Program of measuring innovation in cities based on collecting 162 performance indicators.

Benchmarking Performance.

The first output is an Overall Top Innovation Cities Index as released since 2007. The release of this is now July, 2009. In 2009, achieving a high-ranking will indicate cities best at dealing with today’s 3 City Challenges of : Economics, Equity & Environment.

Due to promised/planned cities data assistance not being met; collation & cross-checking is taking far longer than anticipated in producing the Innovation Cities Index. We’d like funding to increase our resources and start an internship program.

You can support the research these ways:
> Pre-order printed Innovation Cities Analysis Report (pre-order USD $120 / rrp $250)

> Pre-order Single Cities Data for any city (pre-order USD $220 / rrp $470) *
* Cities that provided data in our format in 2009 will not be charged for detailed data.

We’d like to hear from you as to what format/products would be most useful in your career ??

The Bigger Vision

Longer term, we’re seeking to work with to use the data & innovation models to improve cities worldwide. The strength of the Innovation Cities model is an underlying Innovation framework which can be used to provide specific steps to future Economic Growth.

We’re updating our website to reflect new changes at:

Innovation Cities content is being broken out into & there’s a Linked In Group

These sites are currently being updated.

Please email ( to place an order, or with any queries.

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