Innovation Cities Resources

Icon Innovation Program2thinknow recently launched Innovation Cities as a standalone site at – which contains all the data products for purchase, ideas, rankings and other good ideas from the Innovation Cities Program by 2thinknow.

This site includes:

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Referred to also as the Green Book, released July 28, the innovation Cities Analysis Report contains an overview of:

> Innovation Models for Cities
> 162 Innovation Indicators & their basis
> Top 40 Innovation Cities Aggregate Scores
> Industry Indexes & more.

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> Single Cities Data [SCD] Sets

Ongoing benchmarking of 256 cities on a global set of performance indicators.

Detailed data on your city scored on 162 data points – available now. See > Single Cities Data [SCD] Sets

> Innovation Cities Index

Published by 2thinknow contains the:

> Innovation Cities Rankings 2007
> Innovation Cities Index 2008
> Innovation Cities Index 2009

A word about Updates.

Please note that we are continually updating the content prior to July 28th launch.

The massive amount of work contained in compiling & publicising data on 256 cities on 162 data points can be overwhelming.

You Can help!

We think a comparative ongoing study of cities worldwide is important work, something that hasYou can help by:

> Funding Us! Purchase an advance pre-ordered copy of the:

> null > Single Cities Data [SCD] Sets – detaled data on your city

> City Government: Providing data in our format: You can still assist up to July 21st, 2009 – contact Sam to make a submission. (Cities that help in this way, get their data for free!)

> In 2009-2010 – We’re also interested in significant Investors.