Innovation Analyst (Junior) Consulting Services

Do you need to build a team? 2thinknow junior analysts work on innovation projects remotely via video-conference, email or smart device.

2thinknow junior analysts have undertaken 2thinknow internal training, and are typically recent graduates working with 2thinknow with skills in design and data. Some of your innovation tasks that 2thinknow junior innovation consultants are perfect for are:

Your Idea Challenges

New ideas on specific change initiatives in your city and business, our consultants can join your virtual teams for brainstorming.

Innovation Project Teams

Long-term innovation project secondments as part of your team from idea-generation, design and data gathering tasks.

Bottom Line

Achieve your innovation requirements by having our staff assist you as part of the team, and save on fees by using junior innovation analysts trained in innovation by 2thinknow.

You can order our consultants online for a single week if you like. (Make sure to select JUNIOR in online service store to update pricing).

More  junior innovation consultants are part of a larger team project, for which you can request a Proposal.