2thinknow innovation analysis services as available in China.

Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report.

Global standard report, with analysis by region.

2thinknow publish the Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report. The first and leading annual report on creating urban innovation economies. This report is published after the release of each years Innovation Cities™ Index, and includes further details on each year's index.

Purchased by government, chambers, cities, R&D, corporations, researchers, trade boards, mayors, think tanks, tech firms and others globally.

The report covers China extensively and other countries global innovation performance, as well as innovation models and important trends.

Custom Innovation Analyst Reports

Custom Innovation Analysis Report (Asia) by 2thinknow (as seen in over 9000 media articles as at 2017) suit our customers who need personal answers from 2thinknow.

China City Planning Reports

This analyst report is a detailed change plan to change your city or town. Each City Change Planning Report is structured to apply 2thinknow ideas (as seen in global media) to Chinese cities. For up to 10 cities.

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China Innovation Analyst Reports

Our well-constructed professional analyst reports apply the latest innovation frameworks outlined in the Innovation Course™ to your business problems. Affordable, and including an upfront video-conference consultation, with a wide variety of options.

Up to 50 cities for 1 industry.

Custom Report Sections

Sections included:

  1. Overview Details with Expert Analysis by 2thinknow
  2. Analysis of Innovation in Industry
  3. Analysis of Innovation in Location
  4. Overall Analysis
  5. Conclusion to Research Questions

About Your Custom Report

This is a professional consulting report, written by our analysts, who have access to extensive City Benchmarking Data, other databases and specialist research skills.

Recent customers include leading corporations from the Fortune 500 as well as consulting firms.

All slides are professional designed and completed by 2thinknow analysts with highest-level degrees from Australian and European universities.

Our Confidential Reports will be uploaded or emailled directly to you in China.

Helping China understand innovation, with famous 2thinknow Analyst Reports.