Innovation Cities Index Asia Coverage

Coverage for the Innovation Cities Index in Asia, China, Hong Kong, South Korea and SE Asia including newspapers, popular and financial news, and cable news services.

China Cities and Innovation, a story from Shanghai

2thinknow's Innovation Cities work was recently featured in Shanghai, in an article from the highly regarded Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The article appeared in a number of Chinese new sources included Read more in English and Chinese here.

Managing the Innovation Process

2thinknow provide you unique resources for managing the innovation process, and furthering your career with innovation. Managing innovation as a process is part of the job of professional management of public and private companies, government and NGOs.

MEDIA RELEASE 2009: Boston #1 for Innovation

Boston has been rated the best US city for innovation, tying scores with previous winner Vienna in Europe. Boston also edged past Amsterdam, Paris, San Francisco, which rounded out the top five cities in the annual 2thinknow Innovation Cities Index.

Innovation Cities Resources

2thinknow's Innovation Cities has been gatheing a lot of attention. As we share which Innovation Cities will out-perform economically & socially over the near future, we've launched an expanded standalone site. This site contains all the data products for purchase, ideas, rankings & good city ideas from the Innovation Cities Program by 2thinknow.