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The 2010 top 100 city rankings for cities in the ...

The Innovation Cities Top 100 Index 2010 city rankings were released, with Boston in first place followed by Paris and Amsterdam. The largest classification of 289 cities, with 100 ranked, these are the world's innovation economies -- now in their 4th year.

Media Release 2010: Can we have better cities? Melbourne says ...

A new concept in urban research, the Innovation Cities Analysis Report, was launched in Melbourne today by Australian innovation agency 2thinknow with a website designed to take Melbourne's uniquely cosmopolitan and open view of cities to the world. Melbourne is the Australian city North Americans and Europeans could learn the most from, that’s the conclusion of a new global city report launched in Melbourne today.

Media Release 2009: Asia Gaining Innovation Advantage Over U.S. Cities: ...

MELBOURNE, Australia – Innovation Analysts 2thinknow released today a 4 year global study of what makes cities innovative, in an in-depth report. The report found that United States cities long-term infrastructure advantages were eroding to Asia, but also sets out clear steps U.S. cities could take to regain their advantages. Steps were outlined in the report to help Australian cities capitalise on innovation...

MEDIA RELEASE 2009: Boston #1 for Innovation

Boston has been rated the best US city for innovation, tying scores with previous winner Vienna in Europe. Boston also edged past Amsterdam, Paris, San Francisco, which rounded out the top five cities in the annual 2thinknow Innovation Cities Index.

ABC Radio Interview: Innovation Cities Global

FROM OUR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Listen to ABC Radio interview on Innovation Cities; and examples of how cities from Singapore to Stuttgart, from Melbourne to China are adapting to the 3 City Challenges of Economics, Equity & Environment.