Smart Councils

Grow local innovation economy in your town.

Towns, villages and communities under 100,000 population can benefit from a suite of innovation services.

Your civic leadership group can attend the Innovation Course™ delivered in your town. Or, with 2thinknow's assistance, your town can also benchmark its' own performance and host a Local Innovation Forum™ event to inspire change.


Power your innovation with us.

You have an idea but need information? Consultancies have accessed our City Benchmarking Data™ and commercial experience to create innovative products and services, and provide advice to their clients.

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Creating the next economic bubble.
Easy content updated weekly in bursts to help you innovate at the top level.
In our world new industries and roles replace old. Others may see this as a problem. 2thinknow see opportunity. We help make winners that innovate faster. Our special customers read like a global who's-who. We help them innovate to create economic freedom through an innovation economy.


2thinknow is a private company started in Melbourne, Australia.

The Innovation economy, particularly in the U.S.A. and Canada, but also globally, represents a unique opportunity. 2thinknow have established early stage leadership in global markets for new-economy solutions.

Please contact us to discuss collaboration, global or national partnerships and investment opportunities in related corporations and projects.


The Innovation Cities™ Index was established 2007 by innovation agency 2thinknow.
It has grown to the world's longest running city ranking for innovation. Reported in major news sources such as the Boston Globe, Seattle Times, Reuters, Huffington Post, New York Times, Fox, Forbes, China Daily, The Age, Financial Post and International Newspapers in over 100 languages.

The index is based on 10+ years of data analysis, data science and advanced data modelling techniques.


For all others, please contact us at 2thinknow for your custom needs.

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