Our People

Our People are here to transform your ideas to innovation.

Christopher Hire, Director Data, Data Analyst

Advice from a world class data analyst practitioner, who is expert at applying deep skills in data analytics, data science, data mining, design and broad analysis to solve your business or governmental problems.

Creator/Overseer of the data analysts producing the Innovation Cities™ Index, Program and City Benchmarking Data. Hire has worked in data analysis, technology and design since 1998, for over 500 organizations globally. Practitioner-Trainer with 10,000+ hours training and 10,000+ hours analysis experience, yet highly down-to-earth and practical, relates data to your on-the-ground reality and your desired outcomes.

Data Analysis for 2thinknow

Data Analysts Team

You can rely on 2thinknow data. All 2thinknow data analysts have a Master’s degree from a major Australian, US or European university in I.T., accounting, finance, commerce or related field. Our data analysts provide data for client projects, case studies for the Innovation Course and of course, our City Benchmarking Data services.

Communications Network

Our network is composed of multi-lingual, dynamic thinkers from a communications background &/or are alumni of 2thinknow’s innovation analysis training.

Innovation Consultant & Trainers Network : 2thinknow

Consultants & Trainers Network

Our facilitators are alumni who deliver the Innovation Course™ for business and government customers, as well as recommending 2thinknow products and services. Trained by 2thinknow with a solid base of commercial vertical experience.

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