2thinknow Innovation Projects 2009 – 2010

Icon Innovation ProgramProjects to implement change, launched or underway in 2009 – 2010.



2thinknow work to assist others to inspire, plan, champion, implement and communicate change.

Each 2thinknow innovation project is designed as a single product, service or resource, focused on leading innovation in a specific sector. Sectors include cities, business and government.

(If your organization, city or team has your own innovative project, work with us as a select client.)

Innovation CitiesIndex. Is your city a nexus, hub or node?

The world’s largest multi-sector, multi-indicator score and ranking of global cities. A general series of indexes that explains cities performance and ability to meet the change needed to address today’s urban challenges.

For latest information, see www.innovation-cities.com

The Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report. A way to improve cities.

A single report, that is a new concept in urban research. Derived from cities case studies and thought leadership; distilled into a structured framework, the report sets out a new multi-sector approach to the economic and social development of cities.

For latest information, see report.innovation-cities.com

City Benchmarking Data. Measure & compare location performance.

The world’s largest data-set benchmarking performance of cities worldwide based on 162 default indicators, over 31 industry and community segments. Measure your city, compare many cities or create your own data-sets, with data you can order quickly in many formats.

For latest information, see www.citybenchmarkingdata.com

Local Innovation Forum™ event. Ignite your local economy.

The Local Innovation Forum™ event [LIFe] launching shortly, provides inspiration, ideas and implementation techniques for taking your local economy to the next stage. Local associations, city governments, local business and other groups can organize an event in developed economies needing renewal or further growth.

For latest information, see www.localinnovationforum.com

More to come.

As each 2thinknow project moves from concept to product stage, we will be providing new innovation projects to enable an innovation economy.

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