Privacy Policy

This statement sets out 2thinknow (‘2thinknow’ or ‘we’ or ‘us’) policies relating to any personal & organizational information (‘the Information’) you submit to the 2thinknow group of domains (collectively, ‘the Sites’); defined as all sites ending with,,,,,,, and; and further as the result of transactions instigated from the Sites.

By accessing & using the Sites and/or submitting the Information, you are agreeing to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information by 2thinknow &/or its controlling entities, as set out in this Privacy Policy.

1. Privacy is Important

(a) First, your privacy is important to us. 2thinknow welcomes constructive comments and feedback regarding client privacy.

2. Transmission of Information over the Internet

(a) By submitting the Information on any of our web forms, email or fax you acknowledge that the Information may be transmitted via email or electronic means, and that such transmission involves routing over numerous computers & networks, which may be monitored by others;

(b) Users should be aware that there are inherent risks transmitting the Information across the Internet;

(c) Further, to 2.(a) & 2.(b) you agree to indemnify 2thinknow against all or any liability, claims and damages, arising from the disclosure of the Information, irrespective of fault;

(d) 2thinknow advise as a guide that if you would not send the Information in an email, you should not submit that information via a web form or fax, and instead contact us indicating your intent to exchange commercially sensitive information, and to arrange such transmission;

(e) Any credit card or other banking details sent via the Sites, or BigCommerce, Stripe, PayPal and other sites used by 2thinknow is done at your own risk, even if we accept the details as a valid means of payment;

(f) We will make available alternate means of transmitting the Information, upon your request.

3. Collection of the Information

The Information we collect about you includes all of the following:

(a) What you tell us about yourself when you register your personal or organizational details for the purpose of product purchase, service delivery or information about 2thinknow operations of interest to you;

(b) Your name, job title, employer or organization, email, address details, fax, contact numbers and any other information submitted for any purpose, but excludes date of birth or personal information;

(c) Your IP address and any other information used by Google Analytics, or any standard web metrics software;

(d) Any financial or transaction information submitted as a result of a purchase or transaction instigated from the Sites; either directly or from PayPal;

(e) Any details otherwise submitted via the use of any web form or online chat application hosted within the Sites;

(f) Information you email or otherwise send to 2thinknow, with regards to the Sites.

4. Storage of the Information

(a) The Information will be stored on a series of servers, and computers, that are connected to the internet. Whilst we will take reasonable commercial security measures with the Information directly under our control — including but not limited to antivirus, security policies, security software, hardware and software firewalls — you should be aware that any information stored on the internet is subject to risks of disclosure;

(b) By providing 2thinknow with the Information when you complete our forms you agree to us storing your details on internet-connected computers and networks which are managed by third parties;

(c) The Information stored or entered on PayPal is the sole and complete responsibility of PayPal, and their privacy policy and terms, as updated from time to time, and further you agreed to hold 2thinknow its officers and representatives harmless and without liability for the actions of PayPal and its associated entities;

(d) Bearing in mind the foregoing, should the Information reasonably be deemed to have a market-sensitive or other highly confidential nature, you agree to contact us for an offline or other means of storage of the Information, and are instructed not to transmit the Information via the Internet;

(e) 2thinknow will take no responsibility or caution whatsoever for information received that is unsolicited or provided in excess of 2thinknow requests. This includes but is not limited to unsolicited business or idea proposals for us to evaluate (unless otherwise stated). please don’t send us your IP unsolicited.

5. Use of the Information

(a) For the purpose of fulfilling your request we may contact you via any communication method you provide, although where practical and non-disadvantageous we will contact you via any preferred method you advise us of first;

(b) We may also contact you until you tell us otherwise with details about products, offers & services offers by email, phone, fax, messaging service, video conference, mail, or SMS. By transmitting the Information you agree to receive communications from 2thinknow, and associated companies;

(c) We will not under any circumstances intentionally rent, trade, or sell the Information containing to third parties, unless we receive your prior consent;

(d) You may ask us at any time to not contact you via one or more of email, mail, fax or phone, although doing so may limit our ability to answer your enquiry;

(e) 2thinknow may use general customer details (non-contact details) for promotional purposes, limited to organization name, department, location, job title, initial and surname OR first name and initial, and in the case of courses, with the addition of full attendee name; unless we receive your written instructions to the contrary.

6. Disclosure of the Information

(a) We will provide the Information to a third party such as law enforcement when required by law;

(b) We will, as described in clause (5) (e) publicly disclose general customer details excluding contact details, for promotional purposes, unless we receive written instructions to the contrary;

(c) We may contract our service delivery, accounting, finance, other business and I.T. systems to third parties, and accept their security assurances and policies as part of disclosing your information to them;

(d) Beyond the foregoing sub-clauses (6) (a), (b) & (c) and any reasonable commercial disclosure, we will take reasonable commercial care to ensure the Information is not intentionally disclosed;

(e) 2thinknow will take no responsibility whatsoever for disclosure of the Information compromised via viruses, trojans, ‘hacking’ password snooping, MITM, or other methods; wherethese are beyond our reasonable control.

7. Promotional materials

(a) If you receive or have received promotional materials from 2thinknow, and no longer wish to do so please contact us here and request removal in writing;

(b) If you believe somebody has registered/is registering you for our promotional materials in an unsolicited fashion, please contact us here with your concerns immediately.

8. Transfer of Copyright & Intellectual Property statement

(a) The copyright in the Information provided to 2thinknow will be deemed as being transferred to 2thinknow upon receipt or storage of the Information, unless otherwise prohibited by law or legal agreement;

(b) This transfer of copyright includes but is not limited to feedback, software, data, concepts, diagrams, referrals, and writings;

(c) You waive all rights to compensation now, and in the future, in return for this transfer of Copyright, and/or as payment in any form, in relation to the Information.

9. Severability

(a) If any of the foregoing is declared invalid, void or is not fully enforceable in any given instance, this shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remainder.

10. Jurisdiction & Interpretation

(a) This Privacy Policy is governed by and is to be construed in accordance with the applicable laws of the State of Victoria, Australia;

(b) If you choose to bring any legal action against 2thinknow you irrevocably submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the State of Victoria, including any appellate courts, without regard to your location;

(c) This Privacy Policy was written in Australian English, and should only be read and interpreted in English and not in any translated form.

11. Changes to this Privacy Policy

(a) We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time and to post an updated version of the Privacy Policy at .

12. Legal notices

(a) Any legal notices pursuant to this Privacy Policy must be sent via registered post to Legal Department, 2thinknow, GPO Box 3375, Melbourne VIC 3001, Australia.

13. What if you have a complaint or a question?

(a) If you have any queries relating to our Privacy Policy, or if you have a problem or wish to lodge a complaint in relation to an alleged breach of your privacy, please send an e-mail, fax or letter as detailed on the Contact Us page.

UPDATED 15th August 2017 13:00 AEST.