4 Key Attributes of Networked Services Model

Creative ideasA Networked Service Model is a new commercial framework for developing and implementing ideas as innovation. It builds on Proctor & Gamble’s Connect + Develop, adapted for the smaller enterprise by incorporating traditional studio systems to deliver innovation to the enterprise.

The 4 key attributes of the Networked Services Model for start-ups developed by 2thinknow are:

  • Lean. A small lean core of generalist frameworks & people.
  • Flexible. A large series of professional contacts with Focussed Expertise predominately from US, EU & UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Canada.
  • Deep. Focussed Expertise in a variety of disciplines such as architecture, urban planning, consulting, specific industry
    innovation, industry consulting, design. These will encompass Fellows and Independent Professionals on Project Teams.
  • Innovative. With 2thinknow acting as facilitator, he majority of ideas shall come from the network, around the world.

Proctor & Gamble’s successful ‘Connect model aims to source 50% of their innovation from outside their walls, 2thinknow’s Networked Services Model aim for 80%.

It is worth noting refined use of Web 2.0 tools in our version. (P&G Doesn’t per se)

Is a NSM unusual?

Not really. It’s how ad agencies have worked recently. And it’s how painters like Rembrandt worked, with massive studios. It’s the best model for creativity.

What 2thinknow have done is better incorporated insights from the Harvard analysis of Proctor & Gamble; social media trends & other analysis of Enterprise 2.0 companies.

Our Executive Director has previously run a data consulting firm, & found that this model works the best for stimulating everyone to deliver their peak performance. The Networked Services Model outperforms most traditional employee models on creatvitiy and innovation, and this is why most creative houses use some version of the model.

The 2thinknow difference is that we have systemised the model, as an ongoing learning framework.

Keep Innovating,

Christopher Hire
Executive Director of Innovation