Change Trend Analysis

Understand trends to create better innovation.

Change Trend Analysis (CTA) is a new technique by 2thinknow. Change Trend Analysis enables companies, cities and organizations to map and model trends.

Application of Change Trends

From this Trend Map, clients can make better informed strategic choices to develop new innovations such as new products, processes, business models, service delivery and design innovation. Unlike cool-hunting, design, marketing or branding service providers, 2thinknow applies unique analytical techniques to understanding and mapping of trends.

Benefits of Change Trend Analysis:

2thinknow Change Trend Analysis is focused on providing clients with insight. Some ways this insight assists clients:

  • Forward prediction of events
  • Scoping possible Black Swan (unforeseen or non-linear) events
  • Assigning probabilities to events
  • Identifying new fashion, cultural or social trends, and their timing
  • Location based trends from data
  • Evaluating new innovations against trends
  • Maximizing the success of new innovations
  • Better communicating new innovations
  • Assessment of timing of launch of innovations

Using Change Trend Analysis

2thinknow Change Trend Analysis is available from 2thinknow analysts, as part of Innovation Consulting Services at current consulting rates. This is a Trend Consultant service available in locations in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia.

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