China Cities and Innovation, a story from Shanghai

Shanghai, cities and innovation in China: a Chinese View.

2thinknow’s Innovation Cities work was recently featured in Shanghai. This was in an article from the highly regarded think-tank: the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The article appeared in a number of Chinese new sources included

A google translation of an excerpt from the article is as follows:

But innovation can also be more broadly understood. An Australian institution, “I just want to” (“2thinknow”) with their own indicators to rank cities on the global innovation. It’s 162 index system of indicators, including cultural capital, human infrastructure and innovation for the economic vitality of a very important market networks. According to its innovative world city rankings, New York ranked No. 5, compared to the Forbes ranking of U.S. cities much innovation forward – because (2thinknow) the agency’s understanding of innovation Bifubusi (diffusion?) is much broader.

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The article makes interesting reading on Chinese cities, and views of innovation in China.