Christopher Hire, Director Data

2thinknow Director Data*, Christopher Hire helps your business, city and government exploit opportunities in a global economy with data-backed innovation. Hire founded 2thinknow in 2006, and created the Innovation Cities Index in 2007, City Benchmarking Data in 2010, the Innovation Course and numerous other tools for innovators like you.

Hire's special expertise is in data analysis of cities, innovation analysis and identifying opportunities in markets.


World-Class Data Analyst

Unmatched encyclopaedic knowledge of data and cities worldwide, worked for over 500 organizations across industries.

Innovation Cities™ Creator

Created Index and Program to make your city innovative through data, and a better place.

Innovation Leader

Visiting over 100 cities as an analyst that non-tech people can understand without subtitles.

Masterclass Trainer

Teaching innovators like you in groups from time to time, to make innovations that don't detonate!

Hire has implemented and consulted in the I.T., data analysis, programming, training and design industries since 1998, for over 500 organizations giving him great depth of data understanding. He has forgotten more about data than most people learn having worked in every industry function and vertical.

He has worked with people like you -- managers, project managers, CEOs, engagement managers, analysts, consultants, public servants, marketers, risk managers, GMs/MDs, event organisers, in short, leaders and implementers of all backgrounds. He gets on well with others and can communicate.

Since entering the innovation field in 2006 (from tech and data), Christopher Hire has become a leading authority on urban & market-led innovation via city data.



Hire has a vision to help others to build a positive Innovation Economy one business, industry & city at a time. Recently he launched the Innovation Economy (presented by 2thinknow) to share parts of 2thinknow's research into innovation to help innovators.

At the current time, Christopher Hire works between Australia, USA and Europe.