The Global Innovation Review™ 2007

Our annual global review of innovation & pre-indicators.

Global Innovation Review [GIR] is 2thinknow’s annual process of review of current and predictive future change. An ongoing, continuous review grouped into change trends, innovation cities & creative companies as forces for change in the world.

A Detailed Review.

Included in the Global Innovation Review™ annual process, are:

  • World statistics
  • City-level data
  • Global & regional change trends
  • Sector case studies, and
  • Creative new companies/new products
  • New pre-indicators & processes.

These insights are integrated into all 2thinknow services, and our unique process.

Core Insight: “Global is the Sum of Local”.

Designed in 2005 by our Executive Director Christopher Hire, this process and its systems are central to the 2thinknow model.

The Global Innovation Review™ is evidence-based, empirical research and analysis. Our process is about observing what is happening; is non-linear, associative and the antithesis of traditional ‘assumption-driven’ linear laboratory testing research.

In the Global Innovation Review™ we provide our clients evidence of what works.

Our 3 Innovation Classification Programs.

The Global Innovation Review™ is an ongoing process classifies and structures global change into 3 programs:

  • Innovation Cities – est. 2006, launched 2007, beta 2009 (In full production now).
  • Change Trends – est. 2006, in beta since 2007.
  • Creative Companies – est. 2007, soon in beta.

Get insights from the Review:


Easy Access: A book of the same name, the Global Innovation Review 2007 Annual was published in 2007. The book called for change, highlighted successful cites and warned of consequences in the face of flawed economic dogma.

Since 2009, this annual book has now become the Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report, update 1-2 times per year, and available to order here:

Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report summarizes all key global and regional change trends, our current framework of indicators for measuring innovation in cities, and further analysis.

Services applying the Review:

Global Innovation Review™ is part of 2thinknow Innovation Technology.

Within 2thinknow Innovation Technology™ Programss, available services include City Benchmarking Data™, the Innovation Course™ and our innovation analysis reports.

For a custom applications see 2thinknow Innovation Consulting Services.

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