Local Innovation Forum™ events

Host an event to create a local innovation economy in your community.

The event that shows what cities, towns, suburbs & communities can do to create social and economic opportunities for a local innovation economy.

Real answers to economic and social innovation, in each 5-6 hour event held in a local venue provided by the organizers. Attendees will be inspired with new ideas, case studies, benchmarking data, group exercises and follow-up resources.

Part of the Innovation Cities™ Program by 2thinknow, as seen in the Boston Globe and New York Times, and featured in local newspapers worldwide. Be the first to bring the event to your community.

The Local Innovation Forum™ event, is about communities for change.  > Event site [coming soon].

Local innovation events, globally
Chambers of commerce, city government, community associations, professional event organizers and others can organize an Local Innovation Forum™ event in your local community.

Organizer Resources
We provide specialist resources to promote the event, issue/sell tickets online, organize local sponsors, hosting run sheets and follow-up resources for each event.

Affordable alternative to speakers
With a mix of funding options from direct sponsorship to online ticket sales, each event can be low-cost or organized as a for-profit (or fund-raising) venture (unlike other events).

Organize a Local Innovation Forum™ event in your community.

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