“New York – Des villes et des idées” in Le Devoir newspaper

How does New York rank for innovation & ideas?

Below is a recent piece  in Le Devoir about New York’s approach to sparking ideas (and potentially, innovation):

From the article (translated):

The City of New York recently concluded its first Festival of Ideas, which aims to develop the creative potential of the city by exploring new avenues in different sectors. The festival is held on the themes of the heterogeneous city, the city network, the city reconfigured, and the sustainable city through culture, community, education and participation.

Le Devoir New York: 2thinknow approach to innovation May 2011

New York’s scaled down few segment approach, further validates the 2thinknow 31 segment model for innovation, for smaller cities.It will be interesting to see if they can take that next step from ideas to actual change. We still rank Boston above New York for innovation, and do not expect that to change in 2011.

Other cities have held a festival of ideas (with no net change in innovation), so time will tell.

An innovation model.

2thinknow have the resources for cities to take a broad view of their city, and draw on our custom data-set of approaching 112,000 data points for 31 segments — to make change relevant to each city.

2thinknow assists cities, with events, data and analyst advice using this model.

Here’s the article in French: