Building your Strategic Innovation Capability

Strategic innovation improves your change performance.

2thinknow strategic innovation capability is made up of a cluster of change capabilities. These change capabilities work across sectors and locations. You get access to our change capabilities whenever you use our Innovation Program: city benchmarking data,  analyst reports, the Innovation Course or other solutions.

So using our strategic innovation capability, helps you build yours.

Innovation Leadership. Innovation programs for your sector.
When you seek change you seek change in your industry or community sector. 2thinknow provide city-level data, analyst reports innovation course workshops and the Local  that apply the general principles of innovation to your sector: cities, business, government, start-ups and community.

Business model innovation to map the change process.
2thinknow provide you with more certainty around change, with our business model innovation process. Our business model innovation is the only approach designed to map change as an innovation process, and to improve outcomes from change, using different implementations aligned to each sector. In turn, each Innovation Technology integrates business model innovation, including the Innovation Development Life-Cycle [IDLC], HI Loop, Progress Curve and more.

Design Thinking. Designing measures before starting.
Design thinking designs measures for successful change, by uniting the benefits of a creative and analytical MBA approaches. Beyond normal planning, we define innovation as a process, map the stages and then structurally evaluate each performance indicator. Within this process we structure creative elements to capture unknown factors, measuring what is important, not merely what is east to measure.

Review trends to provide cultural support for your change.
To make decisions about change, you need to understand whether trends — both global and local — support or oppose your change. Trend reviews can be internal to an organization, local, regional or global. As a starting point, since 2006 2thinknow has conducted an annual global innovation review, compiling data on long and mid-term trends driving change and occasional paradigm shifts.

Benchmark. Measure performance to prepare for change.
What you measure is what matters. To complete successful change we capture data to benchmark the current situation, and ultimately measure the improvement towards your desired new outcome.

Manage information with hierarchies, algorithms and models.
Structured classification of information and designing hierarchies, algorithms and models is what made the code that made Google and other innovation leader. The classification of soft information into digital information is the lifeblood of innovative change in many sectors.

Create innovation learning and development tools.
Soft skills are best learnt, not lectured. The transfer of knowhow and skills occur when learners can replicate the innovation process. 2thinknow design our Innovation Technology to transfer knowledge, to sectors on a commercial and a community basis.

Design easily deployed, flexible, living tools.
Design of frameworks and tools that are flexible to adapt to circumstances, cultures and organizations. Tools available include our City Benchmarking Data, Innovation Cities Framework, or the Innovation Course. These living tools are designed to adapt to change, and to your needs, not the other way round.

Lead local change projects.
Innovation projects can change the game, change the paradigm and ultimately change social and economic outcomes. 2thinknow structure changes locally into each sector into a series of innovation projects from annual reports to benchmarking data. We also bring our strategic innovation capability to select clients on joint innovation projects.

Communicating structured innovation.
Ongoing communication of innovation through courses, workshops, speeches and media, 2thinknow are leading an emerging innovation industry as part of the 6th wave — to bring us the freedom of the next phase of prosperity, in response to the challenges of social and community change.

Every time you use our Innovation Technology you’re accessing our strategic innovation capability, as well as building your own innovation process, tailored to your ideas & needs.

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