Resurrecting Athens and the Greek Economy with Innovation

Here's some 2thinknow thoughts from our Executive Director, Christopher Hire, in a newspaper interview with Greek daily newspaper, To Vima. "The newly elected mayor of Athens - and former Ombudsman - professor, Yorgos Kaminis, posted the article in his Facebook profile and there were many who wrote positive comments."

The 2010 top 100 city rankings for cities in the ...

The Innovation Cities Top 100 Index 2010 city rankings were released, with Boston in first place followed by Paris and Amsterdam. The largest classification of 289 cities, with 100 ranked, these are the world's innovation economies -- now in their 4th year.

2009: Deutsch: Europäische Städte vor USA im Wettlauf um Innovation

Die Innovationsagentur 2thinknow veröffentlichte heute eine weltweite Vierjahresstudie darüber, welche Städte den weltweiten Innovationswettbewerb gewannen und legte in einem detaillierten Bericht die Gründe dafür dar. Herzstück des Innovation Cities Analysis Report war ein Bewertungssystem mit 162 Indikatoren für die Schaffung innovativer Städte weltweit.

2009: Les villes françaises championnes de l’innovation ; l’Europe en ...

Les analystes de l'innovation de 2thinknow ont publié aujourd'hui les résultats d'une étude internationale de 4 ans dont l'objectif était de déterminer quelles villes sont en tête de la course mondiale à l'innovation et pourquoi dans le cadre d'un rapport approfondi. Au coeur de l' << Innovation Cities Analysis Report >> (rapport d'analyse sur les villes novatrices) se trouve un cadre de 162 indicateurs servant à créer des villes novatrices à l'échelle mondiale.

MEDIA RELEASE 2009: Boston #1 for Innovation

Boston has been rated the best US city for innovation, tying scores with previous winner Vienna in Europe. Boston also edged past Amsterdam, Paris, San Francisco, which rounded out the top five cities in the annual 2thinknow Innovation Cities Index.