The Innovation Course™: 2 Day Workshop, Colombo, Sri Lanka, April 2015

Learn : Innovative Leadership & Product Innovation Creation in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

innovation training workshop Sri Lanka, IndiaThe 2 day innovative interactive workshop experience for innovative professionals.

Designed for current and future management leaders at all levels and across all functional areas. The course is centered around how to create practical innovation projects that work inside organizations.

Presented by innovation leader Christopher Hire (Executive Director of 2thinknow) who has 18 years experience as a speaker and presenter delivering presentations in over 75 cities and 350 organizations on technology, change trends, innovation and analysis topics for government and business in Sri Lanka’s and Asia’s changing market.

Teams will also learn a process to create and plan real innovations in teams which they will present at the end of the course. The outcome of this method is that practical innovation skills are fully transferred to each participant.

Clients who have benefited from Hire’s innovation expertise include:

Innovation Consulting and Training clients: Banking Product Innovation

Innovation Consulting and Training clients: Banking Product Innovation

Christopher’s innovation work has been featured in these media:

Christopher Hire, Innovation Speaker in Global Media

Attendees of previous workshops have won product innovation awards in the Mid-East and Asia.

What You Will Learn:

Day 1: Ideas to People

  • Innovation: Creating Ideas in Industries
  • Innovation is a Team Sport
  • Communicating a Case for Taking Innovation
  • Creating an Innovation Team!

Day 2 – People to Plan

  • Digital and Social Innovation
  • Designing a Case for Innovation (Planning)
  • Trends and Innovation
  • Innovation Actions! (Including Group Presentations and Photos)

Targeted to:

  • Current & Future General Management
  • C-Suite
  • Product Development Professionals
  • Information Technology Leaders
  • Financial Service Professionals
  • Innovation Professionals
  • Aspiring Innovators
  • Creative Professionals.

Hands On, Practical Activities

In all of 2thinknow’s the Innovation Course events each participant group will learn insights on innovation and a practical process for innovation through exciting real life experience-based exercises.

Each instance of the course is hands-on and practical with lots of exercises, case studies and team activities.

Advance and progress your career achievement with real innovation!

Event Details for Your Calendar

Date: Wednesday 29th of April and Thursday 30th of April  2015.

Venue: OZO Hotel Colombo, Marine Drive, Colombo 04.

Tickets: Only LKR 15,000

(Includes Registration, Course Workbook, 2thinknow Certificate, Lunch, Snacks)

Info and Reservations on: 077 364 7109 (Sri Lanka)

Tickets Available:
Alliance Finance Head Office, the OZO Colombo, Cubeworks Head Office.

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  • Alliance Management Services
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