Understand which trends are impacting & disrupting your industry

Creative ideasImagine a structure understanding of which trends were impacting your industry and region.

Following on from numerous speeches in 2007 and 2008, 2thinknow developed a prototype system called TrendFile for monitoring trends.

As at end of 2008, this trend database has 1080+ trends, providing unique insight into the future. The database will be further developed as part of 2thinknow’s Change Trends Innovation Program.

The TrendFile approach, and accompanying technology, are thoroughly different from anything else on the market. This can be used with our Trend Modeling tools or nascent Trend Analysis to predict future events in a more realistic manner to traditional inaccurate academic modeling or ‘coolhunting’.

Once again, if you think your organization could benefit from a deep, commercial & social understanding of trends at various local to global levels – get in touch.

We are seeking host organizations, as we commercialise our trend technology.