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The first strategic model for Enterprise 2.0 innovation.

Heard of Twitter, Myspace, Facebook? What about Tripit, Dopplr, Slideshare? BaseCamp? Every day, there’s a new network. Professionally, these are not being addressed.

Growth opportunity.

In the USA, and in Start-Up culture ventures like iPhone apps, TripIt, Dopplr, Slideshare, Basecamp, Twitter, Netbooks, GPS apps and others are revolutionizing collaboration.

These applications are creating new business models, new project management for remote teams, new value. American companies are using these to:

  • Create new Collaboration Opportunities across Offices
  • Save costs by reducing ICT infrastructure spending
  • Build Staff retention
  • Reduce Office space Cost
  • Break-down Silos
  • Run Virtual Shared Services
  • In Marketing, Promotion, PR
  • Entirely new service & business models

And many other ideas. Gartner has just mapped Zero-Cost & low-Cost CRM Strategies, as one example. Harvard Business Review in 2009 has had other approaches.

2thinknow, in 2007,  has been the first to come up with a strategic model to explain this.

2thinknow have conducted workshops for mixed business, government agencies such as the Victorian Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development.

You can’t not participate.

Your firm, by not participating, is already participating. As they can be used through a web browser, chances are some employees are already using them in your company. But without regard to security, strategy, or policy.

Professionally it can be difficult to navigate a strategic approach. In many business media of the commentary is directed purely towards introducing the networks, as usual, 2thinknow is ahead of the curve.

Established business media often has a conflict, as Web 2.0 & Enterprise 2.0 disrupts the barrier between journalists & media.

Understand. Plan. Act.

You have the opportunity to act, contact 2thinknow to find out how.