2thinknow Government Innovation Training Vouchers [GITVs]

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Flexible ANZ Government Innovation Training & services* option.

2thinknow Government Innovation Training Vouchers [GITV] allow public servants to budget, for purchase and then schedule innovation training once strategic priorities are decided.

Government Innovation Training Vouchers are available from 2thinknow only to Australian public servants. Vouchers are purchased as prepaid for future services, and offer maximum flexibility — whilst locking in maximum price savings.

Guaranteed lowest price at purchase.

2thinknow Government Innovation Training Vouchers guarantee:

That the government will pay the best available price offered to any customer in the last 12 months.

If the government price is not lower, the vouchers guarantee a 10% discount (or added value) from best available price.

That the government (and thus taxpayers) vouchers offer the significantly lowest possible price 2thinknow offers.

The Innovation Course:

The Innovation Course for Government outlines the latest innovation models and tools, with real world case studies. The preferred governmental version, allows participants time to workshop policies (past and present) using the tools. There are around 6 participants from the same department in most cases, and the course can be done in any Australian city.

For a customized departmental Proposal and PowerPoint slides on the Innovation Course™ and other innovation training, contact 2thinknow here, or your 2thinknow representative. Please also contact us to order vouchers.

Easy Redemption.

2thinknow Government Innovation Training Vouchers [GITVs] can be redeemed for 2thinknow training, including the Innovation Course. Can also be redeemed for equivalent Innovation Discovery for Government and city benchmarking data services.

At this stage GITVs are currently only available in Australia, but we welcome your international enquiries here.

Basic facts:

  • Due to low margins, no discounts applies to GITVs redeemed for Local Innovation Forum events.
  • Vouchers expire within 13 months from data of purchase.
  • Vouchers are electronic, and issued to the department with a unique numerical serial code.
  • Vouchers can be redeemed by another government department in the same jurisdiction, if by prior arrangement.

Contact 2thinknow here, or your 2thinknow representative.