Announcing Innovation Discovery for Government: Innovative policy ideas fast!

Innovation Discovery Search : Innovation Consulting, Idea GenerationInnovation Discovery for Government: is a new 2thinknow governmental service for creating better policy at a lower cost to taxpayers, through innovation.

Innovation Discovery is a global innovation search to discover the best available policy options for a policy problem governmental staff, ministers & advisers face. The service solves difficult, rapidly-evolving or otherwise challenging policy problems through use of a variety of data sources.

Where Innovation Discovery is of greatest benefit is in the saving of taxpayer funds spent on areas such as consultants, or interstate travel. The focus of Innovation Discovery by 2thinknow is about the scoping and briefing of global policy ideas, tested against cultural alignment in your policy environment.

Our clients make internal savings of 60%+ off the price of ministerial travel, and consultants. This has other benefits — such as work-life balance for public servants, and enhanced career satisfaction for public servants.

The Innovation Discovery service is only offered by 2thinknow, and the outcome is a briefing and report (either slides or a document) that discusses the best available policy options.

The service uses a robust process that delivers ideas that have worked in other areas. It relies on 2thinknow proprietary data-set, contacts and methodology to deliver implementation-ready policy ideas to policy advisers, ministerial staffers and the public service.

Currently this service is available to public servants in Federal, State or Local Government in a variety of locations.

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