A global city report: a new concept in urban research, launched today in Melbourne

This morning, in Melbourne, Australia a new concept in urban research a global city report, was launched with a new website to take new ideas in urban planning and city management global.

Cities now house 50% of the world’s population, yet the body of ideas and practice available to cities is far less in number and depth than in business and management.

As a new concept in urban research, the Innovation Cities Analysis Report aims to change this situation with a concise readable work pulling together ideas to be implemented and communicated to create innovation in cities.

Whilst innovation in nations has been a topic attracting much attention — indeed the OECD proved that Finland and Norway innovated their way out of previous recessions, leading to stronger economic recoveries — this information has not to date been applied to cities.

The Innovation Cities Analysis Report fills that gap. Unlike other cities literature, the focus goes beyond ideas. The centrepiece is a structured framework for the implementation and communication of ideas in local cities, towns and suburbs.

This framework, the Innovation Cities Framework, has been created upon review of 42 benchmark cities, and expanded to the ongoing review of 256 cities.

The report introduces the framework as a structured logical way of communicating urban approaches — rather than presenting an idea as an opinion, the idea can be measured based on the potential implementation and communication.

For more, read the newly launched report website: http://report.innovation-cities.com