Big Ideas

SMH: Artists tapped to renew cities’ ailing CBDs?

From Chris Zappone at the Age newspaper (republished Sydney Morning Herald): "Artists tapped to renew cities' ailing CBDs?".Examples used are recent movements to renew steel / manufacturing centres Newcastle & Geelong using arts segment.

Innovation Economy in Budapest, Hungary: Feature from index.Hu

Innovation in Budapest: Full text of 2thinknow interview with Urban Watch, Hungary. This is the English answers transcript. The Hungarian final version (edited/translated) article appeared on the popular Hungarian site, as well as Hungarian urban planning sites.

Resurrecting Athens and the Greek Economy with Innovation

Here's some 2thinknow thoughts from our Executive Director, Christopher Hire, in a newspaper interview with Greek daily newspaper, To Vima. "The newly elected mayor of Athens - and former Ombudsman - professor, Yorgos Kaminis, posted the article in his Facebook profile and there were many who wrote positive comments."

Innovation Cities Program

The Innovation Cities™ Program is an evidence-based city development program, offering full city benchmarking data, segment case studies and other resources.

Giving you the innovation tools to change performance

Innovation Tools -- the right innovation tools for the job -- are the difference between successful and failing change. 2thinknow are opening the doors to our Innovation Technology, with our new website updates and launches sharing more innovation resources for managing the innovation process in your sector.

Why How you Measure Data Matters…

Data granularity matters, the process of collecting data and assessing its value to the innovation process is often overlooked. Some valuable thoughts on collecting data for innovation metrics, from 2thinknow innovation analysts.

Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report

The Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report by 2thinknow analyses cities global conditions, identifies current and predicted future conditions to 2025, and provides the leading framework to measure and improve performance during this time.

Funding Start-Ups: An Innovative Proposal

What if we could fund start-ups and create a culture of innovation. At very little cost directly, and with shared risk? Should we? Can we? What if the tax system could create an innovation economy at a low risk?

Federal Government Public Sphere, Melbourne, 2009 Training Notes

These are participant notes from the Public Sphere in Melbourne with thanks to Donna Benjamin and Christopher Hire (Exec Dir, 2thinknow). The Public Sphere event was organized by Senator Kate Lundy. The context of the one day event was the future development of the I.T. and creative industries in Australia.

2thinknow Innovation Models: developed 2005-2009

Since 2005, 2thinknow have developed (and now published a number) of original Innovation Models. 2thinknow innovation models provide structure & logic to change, across industries, professional silos, business functions, sectors and geography.

SMH: Innovation in Manufacturing

Our Executive Director, Christopher Hire, was quoted in the Fairfax newspapers commenting on maintaining automobile manufacturing in Australia, in support of local manufacturing as part of the economic mix of cities.

Fast Company: Innovation As Positive Change

Is innovation about more than technology? Is there a vision beyond creativity of geeks - do we need to broaden innovation? The founding discussion of 2thinknow showed up in Fast Company in USA.