ABC Radio Interview: Innovation Cities Global

ABC Radio Australia - Innovation Cities interview

FROM OUR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: On June 16th, I gave a radio interview on Innovation Cities; and examples of how cities are adapting to change. And what they need to do next. More directly I spoke on which cities will be in Innovation Cities Index 2009.

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Topics & themes

Innovation is occurring globally, but there is a “fork in the road” when it comes to cities, with some choosing the progressive innovative path towards digital, clean-tech/green-tech, and broader start-up culture – recognizing their citizens as assets. Others are regressing.

Innovation is the future. It is the jobs of 3-5 years out. It is the size of the pie, and growing the pie.

In an interview spanning ideas from Keynes, National Broadband Network, Fast Rail, State Government Spin, the importance of Arts & Culture, Melbourne’s Southbank Precinct, Singapore infrastructure, Emissions Trading, Japanese trains and many other themes.

The Interview & Program.

The interview was on ABC Radio Australia, Breakfast Club (breakfast depending on your time zone), broadcast throughout Asia-Pacific & available online worldwide.

Hosts Phil Kafcaloudes and Adelaine Ng, probed my innovation intellect!