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MEDIA RELEASE: Innovation Cities Indexes 2012-13 Launch

Boston and New York were announced as twin winners for the world's most innovative city today by Australian innovation agency 2thinknow. In the seven years publishing the index, this is the first time two cities have tied for first place -- due to their strong innovation potential. This year's top 10 cities for innovation economy in 2012-2013 were rounded out by Vienna, San Francisco Bay Area, Paris, Munich, London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Seattle.

Innovation Cities Index Asia Coverage

Coverage for the Innovation Cities Index in Asia, China, Hong Kong, South Korea and SE Asia including newspapers, popular and financial news, and cable news services.

Americas Innovation Cities Index Coverage

Coverage for the Innovation Cities Index in USA, Canada, Brazil and Americas from the Huffington Post, Seattle Times, Financial Post, Smart Planet and other North and South American sources.

Innovation Cities Index 2011 Launched

The 5th Annual Innovation Cities Index was released today by 2thinknow, classifying city innovation globally. The release includes 4 regional and 2 global indexes for 331 benchmark cities, across 80+ countries. Click thru for rankings and resources.

LinkedIn Innovation Cities Discussion Group

2thinknow sponsor the LinkedIn Innovation Cities™ discussion group. This is part of the Innovation Cities™ Program and a communal place for change agents to discuss and network local change initiatives.

Resurrecting Athens and the Greek Economy with Innovation

Here's some 2thinknow thoughts from our Executive Director, Christopher Hire, in a newspaper interview with Greek daily newspaper, To Vima. "The newly elected mayor of Athens - and former Ombudsman - professor, Yorgos Kaminis, posted the article in his Facebook profile and there were many who wrote positive comments."

The 2010 top 100 city rankings for cities in the ...

The Innovation Cities Top 100 Index 2010 city rankings were released, with Boston in first place followed by Paris and Amsterdam. The largest classification of 289 cities, with 100 ranked, these are the world's innovation economies -- now in their 4th year.

Innovation Cities Program

The Innovation Cities™ Program is an evidence-based city development program, offering full city benchmarking data, segment case studies and other resources.

Giving you the innovation tools to change performance

Innovation Tools -- the right innovation tools for the job -- are the difference between successful and failing change. 2thinknow are opening the doors to our Innovation Technology, with our new website updates and launches sharing more innovation resources for managing the innovation process in your sector.

Media Release 2010: Can we have better cities? Melbourne says ...

A new concept in urban research, the Innovation Cities Analysis Report, was launched in Melbourne today by Australian innovation agency 2thinknow with a website designed to take Melbourne's uniquely cosmopolitan and open view of cities to the world. Melbourne is the Australian city North Americans and Europeans could learn the most from, that’s the conclusion of a new global city report launched in Melbourne today.

Media Resources – Innovation Cities 2010-2009

Media resources for the Innovation Cities Index global city rankings - the largest ranking of cities in US, Canada Europe, Asia and globally for economic and social performance in the innovation economy. Published by 2thinknow.

Innovation Cities on Reuters…

2thinknow Innovation Cities have been attracting a lot of attention these last 12 hours or so - starting with Reuters - and it's gaining momentum fast...

Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report

The Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report by 2thinknow analyses cities global conditions, identifies current and predicted future conditions to 2025, and provides the leading framework to measure and improve performance during this time.

MEDIA RELEASE 2009: Boston #1 for Innovation

Boston has been rated the best US city for innovation, tying scores with previous winner Vienna in Europe. Boston also edged past Amsterdam, Paris, San Francisco, which rounded out the top five cities in the annual 2thinknow Innovation Cities Index.

Innovation Cities Resources

2thinknow's Innovation Cities has been gatheing a lot of attention. As we share which Innovation Cities will out-perform economically & socially over the near future, we've launched an expanded standalone site. This site contains all the data products for purchase, ideas, rankings & good city ideas from the Innovation Cities Program by 2thinknow.

ABC Radio Interview: Innovation Cities Global

FROM OUR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Listen to ABC Radio interview on Innovation Cities; and examples of how cities from Singapore to Stuttgart, from Melbourne to China are adapting to the 3 City Challenges of Economics, Equity & Environment.

Single Cities Data Sets [SCD]

City Benchmarking Data measures cities on 162 City Indicators across 31 segments. It's the most comprehensive measure of city performance (or KPIs) for any city worldwide.

The Global Innovation Review™ 2007

Global Innovation Review™ [GIR] is 2thinknow's annual process of review of current and predictive future change. An ongoing, continuous review grouped into change trends, innovation cities & creative companies as forces for change in the world. The insights are included in our analyst reports, City Benchmarking Data, the Innovation Course, Innovation Discovery and innovation consulting.

Innovation Cities Index 2009 Update

2thinknow are publishing the Innovation Cities Index 2009. It's part of the Innovation Cities Program of measuring innovation in cities based on collecting 162 performance indicators. Here's the latest...

2thinknow Innovation Models: developed 2005-2009

Since 2005, 2thinknow have developed (and now published a number) of original Innovation Models. 2thinknow innovation models provide structure & logic to change, across industries, professional silos, business functions, sectors and geography.

Innovation Cities Index 2008: Cities Data

In 2008, 2thinknow ranked 95 cities on Innovation in the Innovation Cities Index 2008. The aggregate Excel data of 3 data points per city is available for sale with supporting PDF analysis.