Australian Recommendations: Excerpt from Innovation Cities Analysis Report

Creative ideasFROM CHRISTOPHER HIRE, Executive Director:

In order to spur further discussion on Innovation Policy, and in line with Senator Lundy’s Public Sphere ICT & Creative Industries process I assisted in co-ordinating, we have decided to release an excerpt of the 2thinknow Innovation Cities Analysis Report, in the context of further analysis of paths to success for Australian innovation policy.

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The Innovation Cities Analysis [ICA] Report is independently published by 2thinknow and is not affiliated with Australian State or Federal Government policy.

The ICA Report sets out how to measure city innovation, and build a broad base of innovative, cosmopolitan cities. It does this through a global narrative (Our Globe In Context), and a detailed by industry 31 segment, 162 indicator framework for developing innovation potential of cities.

At the centre of the framework is the concept of Cultural Assets, Human Infrastructure and Networked Markets enabling cities to be more competitive.

Australia in a Global Context.

The released Australia excerpt, posted below as PDF, features an analysis of cities in context, and some observations about Australian innovation development among other cities globally. Notably, Asian cities such as Singapore often outrank most Australian cities, and this should be of concern to Australian business, community and governments.

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Note: 2thinknow is based in Melbourne, Australia – and, therefore, has a deep practical interest in Australian Innovation Policy.

Australian Innovation Policy.

There is a need for global and Asian city case studies and examples in the Innovation Cities Analysis Report, and drawing on other research, to be interpreted on a local basis for Australia prior to a Governmental policy, into recommendations for community, government and business.

In the October edition Innovation Cities Analysis Report, we mentioned 2thinknow would prepare a specific paper for Innovation Policy in Australia. This Australian Innovation Policy Paper has not yet been released and we are seeking funding to develop and release the analysis in a timely fashion. The funding sought is only a minimum of $10K in total, drawn from one or more organizational sponsors.

This would give the largest sponsor contributor branding and naming rights – ie. the “SPONSOR Innovation Policy in Australia Report” would appear in all media. Of course, there are more details that can be discussed. We are hoping to release this in a timely fashion of 30-60 days.

The general thrust of the “SPONSOR Innovation Policy in Australia Report” would be methods to grow start-up culture of innovation, using global city case studies, and taken from a business-government partnership view. The OECD identified that innovation at the national level had been responsible for the success of countries like South Korea and Finland in response to previous recessions, and can in short “keep the good times rolling”.

2thinknow have an analysis framework that can be applied, and would be interested to develop the “SPONSOR Innovation Policy in Australia Report” with the right partner organization(s). These could be in finance, cities, councils, associations and others – anyone wishing to take some thought leadership in this space. The minimum sponsor unit is only $1000, and confers sponsor status in print and on the web.

Potential interested sponsors should contact us in the first instance. A call went out from my twitter account today, so feel free to get in touch via there.

Keep innovating,

Christopher Hire