Giving you the innovation tools to change performance

Icon Innovation ProgramInnovation tools.  It is the quality and breadth of your innovation tools, that will drive your change performance in the modern workplace of teams.

Each of us have great ideas to change our organization, our sector and often even our world. But to achieve that we need the right innovation tools.

How many times have you come up with a great idea… then, not seen a clear path to implement your idea for change.

Innovation tools are the tools that give you the clear path.

At 2thinknow we call innovation tools, our Innovation Technology. Be they compact analyst reports, benchmarking data to measure performance, change plans or performance indicators.

Recently, 2thinknow have begun launching a series of updated websites to share those tools with you. We started this process with the annual city rankings in 2007 and global city report the same year, followed by web 2.0 and government 2.0 workshops, speeches, and then city data, and more city reports.

Now having developed our Innovation Technology we are providing the reports, data and outputs.

But also, we are opening our doors and sharing with cities, business and some government clients through the Innovation Course and Local Innovation Forum events. Each designed to transfer innovation knowledge, and start work to build an innovation culture inside your organization, city, town or suburb. More paths to work with 2thinknow

There will be lot’s more news, but take a look as we finish updating and launching all the new websites from 2thinknow. Take a look at (this site) as well as the Innovation Cities Program ( and Innovation Cities Analysis Report (

Each website for each innovation project is designed to give you the innovation tools to change things in a structured, rational, inclusive way in your cities, business, workplace and community.

Change starts here. Let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you about your innovation initiatives.

Keep innovating!

Christopher Hire
Executive Director,