Creating a public service culture of innovation

Government can develop a culture of service and design-led innovation.

2thinknow, has worked with Australian federal and state government on change and technology projects in its previous form as a data services company, and since 2007 as 2thinknow.

Commercial innovation leadership.

Starting in 2008, 2thinknow have created special innovation initiatives into an innovation program for the Australian Public Service at the Federal level, as well as state government around Australia. These have moved from social media/web 2.0 workshops and speeches into service and design innovation.

Recently we launched Australia’s first Innovation Course for the Public Service.

(2thinknow were the first Australian commercial firm to model innovation).

Government Innovation Services.

All 2thinknow Innovation Technology for government are based on our original innovation models, international case studies and our unique city benchmarking data-set. Government innovation resources we provide include:

Keep to budget.

Australian Federal and state Government is offered a  discount to the the best available corporate pricing.

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