Image Attribution


Most photographs on 2thinknow sites are commercial photos used under license.

Other attributions are:

  • Staff / contractor photographs are the copyright of 2thinknow.
  • Speaking shots of were taken by photographers at events. Many speaking and event shots are from conferences or events or training held by 2thinknow or using 2thinknow presenters and/or content.
  • Photographs from Flickr that are appropriately attributed.

The black & white headshot of Christopher Hire was taken by Wolf Cocklin, then of the ABC Radio & TV, licensed for a chicken parma!

Further Attribution

If you are the copyright owner, and this attribution is incomplete or otherwise not suitable, please advise us and we will do our best to comply subject to commercial requirements and agreements. All rights reserved.


Most general icons used on these sites can be found on Icon Finder, except as noted. The icons used were free for commercial use, and have been attributed in the file name in many cases.

If you created one of the icons, and you would like a personal attribution listed below, please let us know.


2thinknow do not grant any rights to third parties to use, copy or distribute the copyrighted materials found on our websites.

We make no representation as to the ownership of the materials found on our websites, although we will do our best to investigate and comply with the wishes of all copyright holders where we receive and process a notification from a copyright holder.