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Make your city smart and innovative by using innovation analysts to deliver your innovation projects. Smart Consulting Video […]


2thinknow innovation Data, Training, Analysis and Strategy products and services available across the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales […]


We like all sorts of positive people from all sorts of backgrounds, and as most of the people […]

Trend Analysis Models

Understanding global city trends : Consulting analysis Understand how global and regional trends impact cities. Global and regional […]

Indicators of Innovation

CH_ 162 Standard Indicators Indicators selected to measure cities conditions for innovation. These are the 162 standard City […]

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Using the 2thinknow Innovation Design Life Cycle™ approach, 2thinknow analysts turns ideas and issues into innovation. 2thinknow innovation […]

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Global Thinking 2thinknow has developed innovation services for global customers since 2006. Free Proposal All 2thinknow services offer […]

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Analysis to understand the effects of innovation. 2thinknow conduct global analysis of cities and identify key trends on […]

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A logical model to build your organization’s innovation. The innovation process starts from the right definition. “Structured change […]


Background: The Innovation Cities™ Index was established 2007 by innovation agency 2thinknow, and has grown to the world's […]


A Vision for an Innovation Economy Create local economic freedom through an innovation economy. In our world, new […]


Outsource your innovation projects to 2thinknow. Consultant Tools Consultants have used this program to write high value added […]

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Training to build your internal innovation capability. With all course variations, learn the team process for implementing innovation. […]

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Business We assist business to create innovative products and services for market leadership. We also assist with cost […]

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Government, Cities & Towns 2thinknow City Strategy works to develop and deliver locally tailored solutions to unemployment and […]


Strategy that thinks differently Strategy to create outstanding results from innovation. 2thinknow analysts develop bold and different strategies […]

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Comparative City Data-set (CCD) For Cities & Councils Compare selected cities on selected indicators. Includes data, sources and […]

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Trusted data to shape global markets at a city level. City Benchmarking Data by 2thinknow is the world's […]

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Select Innovation Customers US and Canada: Asia-Pacific: Europe: Middle-East & Africa: Case Studies Innovation Cities™ Program Helping civic […]

MEDIA RELEASE: Innovation Cities Indexes 2012-13 Launch

Boston and New York were announced as twin winners for the world's most innovative city today by Australian innovation agency 2thinknow. In the seven years publishing the index, this is the first time two cities have tied for first place -- due to their strong innovation potential. This year's top 10 cities for innovation economy in 2012-2013 were rounded out by Vienna, San Francisco Bay Area, Paris, Munich, London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Seattle.

2thinknow Government Innovation Training Vouchers [GITVs]

2thinknow Government Innovation Training Vouchers [GITV] allow public servants to budget, for purchase and then schedule innovation training once strategic priorities are decided. They can be used against the Innovation Course, or other services, and lock in the guaranteed best available price, with budget flexibility.

Innovation Economy in Budapest, Hungary: Feature from index.Hu

Innovation in Budapest: Full text of 2thinknow interview with Urban Watch, Hungary. This is the English answers transcript. The Hungarian final version (edited/translated) article appeared on the popular Hungarian site Index.hu, as well as Hungarian urban planning sites.

LinkedIn Innovation Cities Discussion Group

2thinknow sponsor the LinkedIn Innovation Cities™ discussion group. This is part of the Innovation Cities™ Program and a communal place for change agents to discuss and network local change initiatives.

The Age: impacts of housing unaffordability on innovation economy in ...

Australian property prices are globally and artificially high, and offer low-value for home owners. The U.S. / U.K. correction did not happen in Australian cities, with many Australian homes offering lower value than central hubs such as Paris, London and Boston. This article in the Age newspaper (Melbourne), featuring 2thinknow data, was written by Chris Zappone, Business Day reporter (previously of CNN).

Innovation Consulting Services

Innovation Consulting for USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia. 2thinknow innovation analysts provide a full innovation consultant service to business and government clients.

The 2010 top 100 city rankings for cities in the ...

The Innovation Cities Top 100 Index 2010 city rankings were released, with Boston in first place followed by Paris and Amsterdam. The largest classification of 289 cities, with 100 ranked, these are the world's innovation economies -- now in their 4th year.

Innovation Process

At 2thinknow, we make innovation a repeatable process. Proven Process 2thinknow modeled the innovation process based on a […]

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A brand new site experience awaits 2thinknow clients, readers and supporters, with changes to the site this week! So please pardon any changed or not yet updated content until this is complete....

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The 2thinknow website, and related sites, are going through a server move today! New changes, new Cities functionality, new sites... (however, there may be some minor disruptions!)

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Usable Insight (UI) is what 2thinknow call actionable innovation that you can implement leading to economic benefit. There is no point generating ideas that you can't implement - and this is integrated in 2thinknow.

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Rather than receive dry analyst reports as text, why not receive fully multi-media Microsoft PowerPoint presentations? Easy to email, easy to share - and can be branded to your corporate branding specification! Learn more...

Global Innovation Review 2007 Annual

The original 2007 Innovation analysis of Innovation Cities, that called for a redefintion of an arts-centric, local economic culture - and warned of the dangers of the current path (prior to the GFC).