Innovation Cities Program

2thinknow's Innovation Cities™ Program is about growing urban innovation economies worldwide.

The Innovation Cities™ Program is an evidence-based city development program, for economic and social development of cities. The program provides resources for building offering full city benchmarking data,  segment case studies and other resources. It is the only commercial program of its type.

Innovation Cities™ Program Resources

Key resources include:


  • The Innovation Cities Analysis Report - global city report


  • City Benchmarking Data - measuring city performance


  • Local Innovation Forum event. Community town hall events


  • Select Client Services


Innovation Cities™ Index

The Innovation Cities™ Program was conceived by 2thinknow in 2006, from research commenced in 2005. The first city rankings of 22 cities were scored from 95 cities. This was accompanied by the first Innovation Cities™ Analyst Report, the Global Innovation Review.

In 2008, this became the Innovation Cities™ Index, expanded to the 256 cities scored for innovation in 2009.

In 2010, the City Benchmarking Data program moved out of beta and into production, benchmarking 256 major global cities.

In 2010, this expanded to 289 cities, and in 2011 the Index grew to cover 330 benchmark cities.

Now, the Innovation Cities™ Index covers 500+ cities, across 1300+ Data Points, 162 Indicators and 31 Segments broken down into 3 Factors.


Region and City Locations

The Innovation Cities™ Program is independent, and provides insight to clients in city government, investors, trade boards, state and federal government, business and communities across North America (USA & Canada), Australia, New Zealand, European Union, Singapore and Asia.

The Innovation Cities Program continues to grow and provide an independent open innovation view centred around transparency and improving actual city results.

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