2thinknow Innovation Models: developed 2005-2009

Icon Innovation Program2thinknow Innovation Technology: analyse, measure & improve innovation outcomes.

2thinknow innovation models provide structure & logic to change. Structure and logic across a broad variety of industries, silos, business functions and geographies. Since 2005, 2thinknow have developed (and now published a number) of original Innovation Models.

Our innovation models, are the basis of a our ongoing leadership & development in visualizing innovation.

Original 2thinknow Innovation Models developed and published include:

  • Innovation Pockets Model (2005)
  • Innovation Cities Concept (2005)
  • Hire Innovation Loop (2006)
  • Global Innovation Review (2006)
  • Innovation Cities Program (2006)
  • Networked Services Model [NSM] (2006)
  • Global Innovation Conversation (2007)
  • Innovation Definition: as ‘change for the greater good’ — ibid Fast Company
  • Contagious Innovation (2007)
  • Innovation Cities Rankings (2007)
  • Change Trend Analysis (2007)
  • Nascent Trend Analysis (2007) (phase of preceding)
  • Change Maps (2007)
  • Change Waves (2007) (Later moved to Change Trend Analysis)
  • Enterprise 2.0 Strategy Matrix (2007)
  • Creative Companies (2008)
  • Innovation Cities Index (2008)

These models have been being published online, at industry conferences, in books/papers and in print.

Applying our Innovation Models:

We call the Programs of innovation models, skills transfer and data Innovation Technology.

As we develop our Innovation Technology Programss, 2thinknow innovation models are now available to consulting or speaking customers, on in our printed annual report.

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