LinkedIn Innovation Cities Discussion Group

LinkedIn is a network for career professionals. The network is free to join, and many professionals now have a profile. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn offers a resume equivalent professional service, and it’s a great way to keep in touch with colleagues.

For some time, 2thinknow have sponsored a LinkedIn Innovation Cities™ discussion group [click link to join]. This is part of the Innovation Cities™ Program, which includes the free annual Innovation Cities™ Index since 2007.

Importantly Innovation Cities™ Program professional 2thinkow products such as includes city benchmarking data, local innovation forum™ events, analyst reports and other resources for innovation.

As a free introduction, and community resource, the LinkedIn Innovation Cities™ discussion group provides a place for change agents to discuss and network local change initiatives:

  • City government seeking to attract innovation to their city
  • Innovation industry people and creatives
  • Corporate leaders of those building next generation electronics & infrastructure in cities
  • Journalists writing about innovation in their local area
  • Business people who support local manufacturing & industry with new innovative technologies
  • Local start-ups and mid-size company business people
  • Think tanks, development boards and  global trade initiatives
  • Horticultualists who support the local agriculture and greening initiatives
  • Students of Freakonomics, behavioural economics and the innovation economy
  • Urban Planners who seek planing change. Perhaps Jane Jacobs and Florida fans?
  • Innovative architects & designers
  • Members of the Creative Class
  • And many more…

If you are a change agent, and on LinkedIn, join the LinkedIn Innovation Cities™ discussion group. it’s free.

We’re working to take the group to 1,200 members globally so join in!

Keep innovating!

The 2thinknow team