NEWS: 2thinknow Website Updates Today!

As of Friday 29th May 2009, 2thinknow will be upgrading our web installation & converting to a new CMS.

This will result in increased capacity & new content.

The Changes!

Innovation Cities.

In preparation for the Innovation Cities Index 2009, a new website will be launched. The result?

More access to Cities data for all cities. More interactivity with cities. More Research products easier to order.

Innovation Cities Program & Index: >

NOTE: This site will not be ready for release until Wednesday June 3rd, 2009.

INNOVATION. International Journal

The INNOVATION Journal has readers in 975 cities. The Journal focuses on change & innovation. Part of this is analysing phase change & looking for significant innovation & change in our world.

Among it’s other content, journal readers were warned ahead of the market with specific predictions about:

  • Global Financial Crisis
  • Australian stock market falling below 4500 points
  • Bank Nationalisation
  • US Recession & Australia Recession
  • Risk of Depression

To promote the journal as a separate site, we have relocated the site to a new sub-domain. To accompany this, the site will have more new content, and more regular updates.

The main business site will move, and the categorisation system change. Most of this should be self explanatory.

However, there will be some non-working links & any bookmarks you have may change!

There’ll be some exciting new functionality & features, so bookmark the main site as we make the changes.