URENIO and other discussions in Europe

Coverage for the Innovation Cities™ Index in Europe.

Professor Nicos Komninos mentioned the Innovation Cities Index in the leading URENIO resource site. Professor Komninos is one of the pioneers of knowledge-based and cluster forms of innovation in cities (along with knowledge economy pioneer Professor Carrillo of Monterrey), and respected and quoted by 2thinknow.

This followed an article in Greek Daily To Vima, where our Executive Director, Christopher Hire was interviewed following Professor Komninos — regarding innovation in Athens and the Greek economy.

These are a selection of the other interesting news stories we received in European newspapers, journals and news sites:

NUzakelijk (Netherlands): “Amsterdam in top 10 innovative cities (Amsterdam in top 10 innovatieve steden)”

France Innov’City: “Exclusive: 2011 Index of the most innovative in the world unveiled(Exclusivité : l’index 2011 des villes les plus innovantes du monde dévoilé)” (from the Ille d’Paris)

20 Minutes (French): “NANTES – Nantes parmi les plus innovantes”

Executive Digest (Portugal): ” The world’s most innovative cities(As cidades mais inovadoras do mundo)”

HG.HU(Hungary): ” The world’s most innovative cities (A világ leginnovatívabb városai)”

Economia 24 (Poland): “Boston’s most innovative city(Boston najbardziej innowacyjny)”

Onet Biznes (Poland): “The most innovative cities in the world”

ERR (Estonia): “Rating: Boston is a city in the world for innovation(Reiting: maailma innovaatilisim linn on Boston)”

Postimees(Estonia): “A hundred of the most innovative cities in the world there is no Estonian”

Italians in Fuga (Italy): “Classifica delle città più innovative al mondo”

2thinknow’s Innovation Cities™ Index provoked quite a discussion in Russia, and a worthwhile discussion on types of innovation for Russian cities.

Here’s a discussion from Korrespondent (Russian): “Q: Smart City. Rating of the most innovative cities in the world”

More from, the Voice of Russia: “Researchers named top-10 innovative cities of the world” (EN)

Lenta (Russian): “Russian cities were not included in the one hundred most innovative in the world

Infox (Russian): “Moscow dropped from the list of the most innovative cities in the world

Ukraine: “Named the most innovative places in the world”

Some other articles appeared in Germany, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Amsterdam and other capitals. If you see a news story, let us know.

Please note we are aware of printed newspaper articles which we may not have captured. If there are any significant articles captured not listed here, you can let us know and we will up date this site. We also are aware of a great number of blog sites too numerous too list, but please draw any great sites to our attention.

The analysts at 2thinknow were of course flattered by this coverage for our innovation agency from these sources.

For Asian and Americas see this separate coverage.