If You’d Rather Listen – ABC Radio National.

ABC-Radio-AustraliaJUST RELEASED: Christopher Hire’s  Thursday 20th August Breakfast interview on ABC Radio National with Antony Funnell on Future Tense.

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In the interview, our Executive Director addresses why innovation matters to cities, and the need to focus on local innovation. European and US cities like #1 ranked Boston or lower-ranked Los Angeles get a mention, but the focus is on explaining what is innovation in a city.

Local Innovation, not ‘Trickle Down’.

Also, Hire responds to Richard Florida’s recent embracing of Mega-Regions and provides an alternate view – whilst concurring on Fast Rail.

Radio National is Australia’s primary national radio station – and is also available on AM 621 in Melbourne, and other frequencies across Australia/Oceania.

Previous ABC Interviews.

Previous interviews on Radio Australia with have addressed Australian and US cities relative to Asian regional cities, as well as the performance of European cities.

There’s detail on individual cities including Boston, Melbourne, Chicago, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, German cities, Paris, Lyon and European cities.