Canadian Cities — Toronto & Innovation in Connected Magazine

Toronto amid Top Tech Cities from Connected Magazine.

Recently 2thinknow were featured in Connected Magazine, Canada. Here’s a quote from the article:

Thanks to such a large population, Toronto exports the same amount of information and communication technology as the whole of Australia, and has a strong technology sector in terms of “human infrastructure,” says Christopher Hire, executive director of Australian consulting innovation analysts 2thinknow, which annually produces an innovation ranking of cities. . “Economically, Toronto has the right cluster of start-ups and business support,” Hire says. “Toronto is the most-connected Canadian city.”

The article was by editor / journalist Andy Holloway. The article focuses on tech innovation.

2thinknow measure broad-based innovation, including non-technological innovation. This includes 162 standard city indicators on all world cities. This underlying cities data in our analysis is available for Toronto, and over 300 world cities from:

Toronto, Canada is ranked #12 in our Innovation Cities Index 2010. This is a broad-based series of multi-indicator scores that explains Toronto’s ascent (however we re-balance factor weightings each year). The basis of the analysis, and 2010 rankings, is explained in the Innovation Cities Analysis Report:

The new 2011 index launches end of Q3, 2011. It will be available here:

New Canadian city data inclusions include Fredericton-St John, and Moncton.