Helping you create your ideas as innovation

2thinknow provide cities, business and government the means to enable clients to implement ideas as an innovation process using data, with analysis and training.

Late 2016-2017 – Helping More Innovators Like You

Our goal of helping innovators like you worldwide is now possible. Over 10,000 Media Articles reached (August 2017) in every major language. More major well known customers for Data. 2thinknow refines our designs new cities and businesses services. Major R&D efforts nearing conclusion, allowing us to help more innovators like you!

Investment negotiations in progress.

2thinknow - Data Innovation Agency

2013-2016 – Publicity & Proof of Products

Over 5000 media articles reached and clients including Samsung, Ogilvy, Ernst & Young, United Arab Emirates, BCG, city governments and global organizations, as the organization pivoted to new Data products based on customer requests. Included some amazing training trips to UAE, USA, Asia and Europe (our favourite - speaking about innovation capitalism in the Communist chamber of deputies!) Moved offices 3 times and proved business model. The Innovation Cities™ Indexes becomes largest city classification and global ranking with 500 benchmark cities classified, and all cities ranked.

2010-2012 – Product Development

Research applied as 2thinknow Innovation Cities™ Index expanded to 445 cities in 2012-2013. City Benchmarking Data™ now a separate product with initial first sales. Product offering for cities expanded further with new city packages for data. The Innovation Course™ was launched and delivered to innovators in Asia, Emerging countries and internationally.

2008-2009 – Development

The massive task of starting the data (now become the product City Benchmarking Data™) process for 256+ cities on 162 indicators was expanded into its 1st qualitative stage at this time. The first modern Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report edition was published and sold globally, and a 2008 Europe tour was completed for further research of cities.

2thinknow Launch

2007 – Boston

The first Innovation Cities™ Index was launched in Boston, and then in Vienna in April-May 2007. The first major edition of the Global Innovation Review (now Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report) followed upon return to Melbourne.

2006 – 2thinknow ‘Born global’

The 2thinknow trademark and name were registered in August 2006 for R&D purposes. Initial innovation research results were applied to our groups’ existing technology clients.

2thinknow Pre-History

2005 – Vienna, E.U. and U.S.

Our Executive Director, Christopher Hire went on a tour of Europe in 2005, to compare 500 years of historical innovation in European cities (long clear history) as a postscript to starting a MBA program. This was followed with 2006 tours of the USA and Europe.

1999 – Group Formed

The establishment of 2thinknow’s predecessor Simple Group. A tech company in Sydney & Melbourne which sold and performed data analysis (data science), programming and data visualization services for all major Australian corporations and government including IAG (NRMA), CommBank, ANZ, LendLease, Victorian Government, NSW Government and Australia Federal Government.

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