Social Media Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all 2thinknow accounts including those of Christopher Hire, Executive Director, held by 2thinknow on social media sites. These guidelines are designed to outline our position on the use of social media by 2thinknow.

This policy was implemented March 1st, 2009, and last updated August 17th 2017.

A. Networks Used.

  1. The current social networks we used are displayed in the footer.
  2. We may evaluate additional sites or services, but those we actively use are listed in the footer.
  3. We may also hold a name in a network, but not actively participate.
  4. You should only communicate with us via the social networks using handles mentioned on this page, and in the footer of this site.

B. Answering Questions.

  1. We prefer you use web forms on this site to contact us initially.
  2. After the first communication, 2thinknow prefer to answer queries to emails sent to or addresses. Note emails from these domains as spelt are valid for 2thinknow business and sites.
  3. 2thinknow may answer customer questions in twitter sent via DM to @2thinknow. This protects your confidentiality. Please do not @ (open reply) confidential matters.
  4. If you do @ us a query on twitter, we may answer in @ assuming you are aware that this is a public channel viewable & searchable by any person using the internet.
  5. If you choose to @ enquiry on twitter it is best to @2thinknow asking us to follow you, we’ll do so, then you can DM us once we have followed, or take it onto email.
  6. Christopher Hire will answer existing client requests & new business enquiries sent via twitter @christopherhire or LinkedIn, however, answers may be slower than email.
  7. We may respond via Messenger or Facebook, but you should not assume your message was received or viewed. We prefer you use email or web forms on this Site.
  8. Questions sent to other channels may not be answered, and you should not assume that they have reached the appropriate person.
  9. 2thinknow will never correspond in the usual course of business via yahoo, gmail or any public email domain, so please advise us of any emails you believe to be fraudulent or phishing.

C. Privacy.

  1. Everything said on the internet is potentially public. If you use social media to communicate with us, please remember this.
  2. If you are a user of twitter & we meet you in the real world, we may disclose that on twitter using your @handle, without permission.
  3. If you are not a user of twitter, & we meet in the course of business, we will generally avoid disclosing your name on twitter, unless you are a speaker, public official or give us permission.
  4. It is 2thinknow policy for any 2thinknow representative not to disclose their own sibling, children, spouse or partner names &/or relationships on social media, nor to discuss any personal relationships.
  5. We accept however no responsibility, and make no guarantees, the foregoing (C.1-C.4 specifically) is merely our general policy (and no reliance should be place upon this policy by any party).
  6. Further to the preceding, 2thinknow or our employees accept absolutely no liability for disclosure of any business information howsoever caused.

D. Identity & Law.

  1. Please be aware that there are numerous impersonators on social networks.
  2. Please report any unauthorised use of 2thinknow (which is a trademark &/or registered trademark &/or service mark in numerous jurisdictions)
  3. Any unauthorised use of 2thinknow trademark will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law in the Courts of Victoria, Australia and all other applicable jurisdictions
  4. 2thinknow remind users of social media that the stringent legal constraints of defamation law and slander apply to Social Media.
  5. 2thinknow reminds users that other laws regarding Media, Journalism & Publishing may apply to Social Media, even if yet as untested in the Courts.