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Clients who have trusted us with their data needs:

2thinknow® is a data innovation agency started in Melbourne, Australia in 2006 as a spin-off international division of an Australian data business established 1999. 2thinknow now provide standardised data and related services to large and small corporations, consulting firms, city governments and universities, among others.

With the Innovation Cities™ Program & Index and City Benchmarking Data™, 2thinknow® is now the world's leading (and growing) provider of authoritative city data. We have also conducted our own R&D into innovation models based on detailed industry and location data across time. All of this large data set is the basis of an innovation model utilized by data customers in USA, Australia, UK, Europe, UAE, Asia, Latin America and globally through our product platforms - including City Benchmarking Data™ and also, the Innovation Course™.

Data drives 2thinknow

2thinknow® has modeled innovation as a data-led process, not a value or mission. To do this we have created unique proprietary models, algorithms, metric indicators and analysis tools for innovation. These are based on data-sets and analytical insight. This includes the first model of the innovation process across 500+ years of history, and across geography in cities from San Francisco to Vienna to Dubai to Shanghai and beyond.

Our primary products are driven from our city data-sets -- including data, training and analysis. These products are listed here for you on the 2thinknow website.

Teaching You Innovation as a Data Process

Learning our model of the innovation process is available through the Innovation Course™ by 2thinknow® -- we have delivered training in the USA, Europe, Malaysia, UAE, Australia and otherwise across Asia.

Our Director Data, Christopher Hire’s experience in data for 500+ organisations, drove this research. One insight is how to get you better data on almost anything at the city level, now that cities house over 50% of the world's population.

Data for Your Markets & Visions

2thinknow® have used our innovation techniques to research and build the world’s largest database of City Benchmarking Data™ across 31 economic segments, over 162 designed indicators and thousands of data points. This data-set references over 1500+ cities, with 500+ cities in the core data-set. 2thinknow® set up the Innovation Cities™ Program to map and understand cities as innovation eco-systems, publishing the world's largest annual ranking of cities for innovation since 2007.

In this time 2thinknow® expertise in innovation has been featured in over 9000 global media articles for innovation including New York Times (Freakonomics), Boston Globe, Seattle Times, Reuters, ABC Radio, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company and others, including newspapers in 100+ languages across the world.

2thinknow® takes a long-term view, and our goal and desire is to help our customers and people like you transform your ideas into innovation.

Key Products

Keep innovating!

Christopher Hire

Executive Director, 2thinknow®


You are advised that Innovation Cities, 2thinknow, City Benchmarking Data and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks used under international license. All rights reserved. Data design is subject to IP protection. 2thinknow established 2006.

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Business Name: 2thinknow, established in 2006. Registered in State of Victoria.

Private company established August, 1999 in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Global operation details on request.


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