Payment Options


For larger training, data, analysis purchases and projects 2thinknow provide a Proposal.

These can be paid via Wire Transfer or Credit Card (immediate).

To pay via Credit Card click the Green Button below the pricing.


Data, Training and Analysis can all be purchased via our Online Service Centre.

For direct purchases this is most convenient method.

Payment is accepted via all common credit cards.


Subscriptions (e.g. City Packages) can only be paid via Credit Card.

This can be done via our Online Service Centre, through the Proposal or Fact Sheet.


2thinknow can invoice you in USD $, AUD $ or your preferred currency at current exchange rates. Invoices must be paid to confirm orders and arrangements.

Shares to Value

2thinknow will for larger data or training projects accept payment up to a percentage of value in shares.

This is designed to ensure 'skin in the game' for innovation outcomes.

Payment Methods

These are payment methods 2thinknow accept. All charges in USD $. GST is included in pricing for Australian customers only.

Credit Card

Fastest option. Credit card payments are charged in USD and processed in the United States by our payment processor, Stripe. Charges will appear from 2thinknow. Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover (depends on your country) accepted.

Wire Transfer

Wire Transfer (IMT or EFT depending on your country) is always acceptable.

Please use your invoice or order number and organization name in the transfer advice.

For faster service email us remittance advice when paid.


Payment can be made in PayPal via PayPal invoice for amounts up to around USD $4000. Let us know if you prefer this.


2thinknow accept payment via check/cheque or money order only in limited circumstances (please check with us). Paying via this method may delay your receipt of goods and services due to bank clearance rules.

Other Notes


For customers in Australia, sales are subject to 10% GST with a valid tax invoice provided. Tax is usually included in the final price in Australia.

Outside Australia, there is no sales tax on sales outside Australia at this time.

However, if your country collects tax on outbound funds, or contracts, or duities that are required to be paid, it is your sole responsibility as Customer to advise us to add this to the amount of the contract and Proposal, so this amount can be added. All prices are excluding tax (except Australia where we charge from). 2thinknow will not pay taxation on behalf of a customers account.

All applicable taxes should be advised in advance by Customers.