Single Cities Data Sets [SCD]

All Indicators and data points for the current year on your city in Excel and PowerPoint slide format.

The most complete data on a City.

Hands-down the most complete snapshot available anywhere on any city.


162 indicators with benchmark scores and analysis;

34 graphs of sectoral performance;

570+ data points in summary;

Full 1200+ raw data points (all data on city, Package subscribers only)

And 1 summary Dashboard (Package Subscribers only).


PowerPoint deck for presentation, with 350+ data slides and intro slides, for you to craft your presentation.

This is the most comprehensive global comparative city benchmarking data product anywhere, and is available for any city or urban area anywhere in the world.

Note due to the amount of data contained within the SCD, this product does not include analyst support without a subscription.

Full data for your city. This enables you to benchmark your city against other cities. Includes all data, slides, graphs and dashboard data from our analysts for a single city.

Plus, Update

Includes an update to your Single City Data-set after the Innovation Cities Index is released.


Single Cities Data-sets [SCD]: Full data on One City

Detailed 162 City Indicators, analyst benchmarked, with over 500 data point URLs scores for any single city.

City indicators contain a mix of qualitative analysis and quantitative data statistics.

City Data, not national.

Quantitative statistics are city level measures (not national data).

Global City Benchmarking.

Each City Indicator is  benchmark scored from 0 to 5, against over 300 global cities by 2thinknow analysts. All for one city. Only 2thinknow offers this.

Leading Metric Design.

Indicators are designed using 2thinknow's leading metric design approaches.

Any City Data.

This provides new intelligence insights on any city, anywhere in the world.


City Benchmarking Data™ SCD is ready-to-go for many uses in spreadsheet data, slides and charts.

Single Cities Data-sets provide cities with best available city data.

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