Does your company need Innovation Intelligence?

Creative ideas2thinknow Innovation Models used with Advisory Services predict which Business Investment or Policy Decision will produce superior outcomes mid-term. We call this giving our clients ‘Innovation Intelligence’.

Innovation Intelligence is simply the ability to select change that out-performs. But let’s examine the status quo first.

“You Can’t Pick Winners”.

It’s become a doctrine of faith for many in Business & Government that you cannot “pick winners”. That this is something inevitable and only determined after the fact by market failure or success.

This is simply not true. And if you consider business investors like Warren Buffett or far-sighted policies in City design that created modern Paris, this falsehood becomes obvious.  Yet ‘not picking winners’ the basis of many linear approaches to forward planning; and in some cases has lead to some unusual strategies.

A Pre-2008 World-View.

In the heady boom days, the idea of diversification (‘picking no winners, but backing all candidates’) to reduce risk emerged. This lead to the slicing & dicing and subsequent bundling of risk, and in turn to the basis of the Global Financial Crisis. As until 2008, a rising tide had lifted all boats, this disguised the paucity of outcomes achieved by this method.

Despite the failure of ‘backing all candidates’ and the lost Trillions, this strategy continues. The ‘diversification’ terminology & ideology is still embedded in Business, Cities & Government. It may be a valid defensive strategy, but it does not lead to future innovation that mid-term leads to improved economic returns.

An Alternate Innovation Paradigm.

Here’s a valid set of assumptions.

Change is orderly, but not linear.

There are lead indicators that can be measured that indicate future economic returns.

Appropriate indicators are not ‘financial’ but often ‘social’ or ‘behavioural’.

Innovation Indicators follow a pattern.

The Pattern can be modelled and mapped.

Giving our Clients … Innovation Intelligence

What 2thinknow have developed is a series of Usable Insight and Modelling Analysis tools for measuring innovation leading to mid-term economic performance in Business, NGOs, Cities & Nations (impacting Goverment).

> 2thinknow Innovation Models are accessible to clients as Innovation Consulting Services.